Welcome to Earth Family!

We are a global community on a mission to inspire and connect people of all cultures through activism and service, storytelling, the arts, and intercultural dialogue. Our goal is to create a more understanding, loving, and peaceful planet and inspire the youth to make a positive impact in the world.

Earth Family Grassroots

Our goal is to inspire kids in need around the world by creating Earth Family Groups where they can learn about their own culture, the arts, and be empowered to share their unique talents and learn how to raise their own voice.

In collaboration with our charity Kids Unite 4 Hope, our current project involves helping refugee kids in Greece and speaking to children in schools around the world.

Earth Family Blog

Sharing inspirational stories from all over the planet of people and communities making a positive impact on the world. Our goal is to bring people together through the power of stories and learning.

All of our stories are about bringing peace, understanding, and connection! If you want to get inspired to make a difference yourself or learn about other cultures, you are in the right place!

Earth Family Gatherings

Our vision is to bring together people from all over the world for our Earth Family Gatherings. With a wide variety of workshops, seminars, and talks, it will be an opportunity to learn and hear from experts in many different fields, religions, and cultures and have an opportunity to share your own ideas on how we can create a more peaceful world.

Our gatherings will be a place of intercultural learning, inspirational talks, cultural workshops, and a place to share your ideas with the global community.

Our Values

We believe in a world of understanding and peace between all cultures and people.

We believe that we should respect and live in harmony with our planet and all the creatures that live on it.

We believe that every person has  unique gifts and talents and a story to share with the world.

We believe that through storytelling and the arts we can bring people of all cultures together.

We believe all cultures and religions are beautiful and have something to teach us.

We believe each person has the power to make a difference in their community and around the world.

How Can We Bring People Together Through Storytelling?

From the beginning of time, humans have told stories. From sitting around a fire to sharing legends to the next generations, stories have shaped our human and cultural identity.

We believe that through mutual cultural storytelling, we can find similarities and beauty in all ancient mythology, legends, and modern faiths. We can realize that we are all part of a greater family and have beautiful stories to tell and lessons to teach each other. We can come into the awareness that we are all connected and have a common home – Earth.

How Can The Arts Bring People Together?

Through the arts, we can express our emotions, our cultural identity, and send a message to the world. No matter where we are from, all humans and cultures are creative and have expressed themselves through the arts, going all the way back to the first cave paintings made 14,000 years ago.

Nature has always  been an expression of beauty, through all forms of art that surround us. Creativity has the power to bring people together as they share their ideas and cultures!

How Empathy and Compassion Can Change The World

Why is it that in our day and age, even though we can feel so connected through the internet and social media, there is still so much divide? Things like racism, Islamophobia, or homophobia are still so prevalent in our world even though now more than ever we have access to so much information and ...

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The True Meaning of Kindness and Friendship – A Memory of Volunteering With Syrian Refugees

Kindness is love manifested in its simplest form. It is the smallest of acts that can sometimes create the biggest ripples in our very being. Humanity as a whole depends on these acts to survive, it is what gets us through our darkest days when we can’t see a way out. I once knew a little Syrian ...

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5 Lessons To Teach the Girls of the Future Generations

  We know that the little girls of today will become the leaders of tomorrow. How do we want to raise them? How do we want them to grow up perceiving the world and themselves? I believe that we need a shift in our society of what we are teaching our young girls and how they go out into the<div ...

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6 Ways We Can Empower Women and Girls Around the World

“We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back. We call upon our sisters around the world to be brave – to embrace the strength within themselves and realize their full potential.” – Malala Yousafzai In our world today, too many girls and women are not empowered to reach for their ...

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A Reminder Of Who You Really Are – A Video From Neal Donald Walsch

“There is something quite extraordinary going on here. Most of us don’t even know it’s happening, but it is happening. (…) It is life happening all around us. ” – Neal Donald Walsch In this powerful video, Neal Donald Walsch reminds us of the true essence of our ...

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A Lesson on Forgiveness With Neal Donald Walsch

Neal Donald Walsch, author of many books including Coversations With God, brings his unique and beautiful perspective on what forgiveness truly means in this Mindvalley video. He reminds us of how we need to forgive people and, instead of being upset with them, see them for who they truly are and ...

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For Egypt Is… – A Poem

Throughout all of my travels, Egypt has been one of the most powerful and memorable places. It has inspired me and given me such insight, it has taught me so many new lessons and showed me a whole new side of enjoying life that I never knew before.      For Egypt is a boat ride down the ...

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Are You Ready to Remember Who You Are? – A Refection of Wisdom

  “What lies behind us  And what lies before us  Are tiny matters compared  To what lies within us. “ Ralph Waldo Emerson I have heard people say that we are here to find our passions, our missions, our destiny on this planet. I have heard of searching for the dreams that will ...

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Reflections Of Syria Through the Eyes Of a Refugee

After volunteering for four months in Greece with refugees, I found a deep love for the Syrian people and the Syria they once knew before the war. Here is a poetic reflection on the Syria of the past, the reality of the refugee crisis, and the hopes they have for their future.  Oh Syria The ...

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What Is True Success? – A Video From Michael Bernard Beckwith

Whenever I feel like I have lost my way and have been pulled towards the mind of the ego, I ask myself: If I were to leave the planet today, did I give and love more or show anger and take more? A question that immediately triggers your mind to look at the world with an open and whole-hearted ...

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