4 Simple Habits to Help The Environment Every Single Day


Here are some easy and simple ways that you can help the world and the environment in your house or daily life. If we all try our best to make a difference, we can do amazing things together!

1. Eat smaller portions and make leftovers to reduce waste

This is one of the easiest things we can do to reduce waste and make the most of our food at the same time! By cutting back on portion sizes and saving what is left over, we can do our part in being environmentally friendly!

  2.Take public transportation, bike, or carpool to help reduce the greenhouse effect happening throughout our atmosphere

Everyday you can do your part in reducing the greenhouse effect by not using your car. If many people do this each day around the world, slowly we can start to reduce the greenhouse effect and help to stop climate change. But every action from each person counts, so take action today by finding new ways of transportation!

3. Turn out the lights when you are not in the room or at home

Being environmentally friendly sometimes does not take a lot of effort, in fact you can even do it in your own home. You can take action by always turning off the lights and un-plugging appliances when you are not using them to save electricity.

4. Use your own bottles and bags, and other appliances to help lessen the plastic pile up

Another great way to help  the environment is to use your own plastic products helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste. Try taking your own bags each time you go to the market or use your own reusable cups, water bottles, and silverware instead of plastic ones – the possibilities are endless!

If each of us take the time to do these simple things, we can all start to  make a difference to save our planet! Share this article and help us to spread the word!

Have a wonderful day!

Kaitlin Siena

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