A Dream of Change – A Poetic Longing For A Better World

I can remember scribbling down these words after the first time I saw a refugee camp in 2016 in Jordan with my own eyes and made friends with people from Syria. I heard the real stories of lives affected by war and their dreams for the future. Little did I know that for the next 2 years I would be volunteering and helping in Turkey and Greece. This poem reflected that sudden urge to make a difference and help people that I didn’t even know. All at once the feelings of a greater purpose and a dream came into my life, and these words flew onto paper. 

A Dream of Change 

The world is crying,

It’s in fear it’s in pain,

The hearts of many breaking,

families and children in shame.

Oh world where is love gone?

Oh joy and trust why have you run?

I am a child,

Nothing in the eyes of any leader,

Yet I have a vision,

A vision that could change the future.

The Earth needs hope,

The Earth needs peace,

A lifetime I will pursue,

‘till my goal is reached.

Each day I will try,

Each day I will learn,

I shall change my eyes,

To see people and what they yearn.

My decision set,

My heart content,

Only one child,

Yet dreaming of a  life worthwhile.

I shall shout it from the mountains,

Sing it with joy across the seas,

And the children shall rejoice,

As they are safe and free.

There is no dream greater,

No desire more true,

Than to see children of this Earth,

Run free underneath the sky so blue.


Wishing you a beautiful and peaceful day,

Kaitlin Siena

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