A Felucca Ride Through History in Egypt

As we glide down the Nile, we pass by locals in their cars going about their day, the road to Luxor weaving in and out along the shore of the Nile, carrying adventurous travelers on their way. Out in the distance the Nubian villages fade into the mountains as the blue and white houses reflect the bright and warm sun, the desert around them extending on and on.

The gentle breeze blows just enough to get a fresh breathe of air, the cows on the shore eat grass, the white birds gliding through the air swiftly jumping up and down at different levels, and the little Nubian children play in the water. A boat from decades ago sits washed up on the shore, who knows where it has been and what it has seen! Kids play and laugh along the shore, the water of the Nile brushing up against the fields.

The sail of our felucca waves back and forth, the white color standing out against the blue background. Down below the sail, we sit enjoying the view, some of us in reality and others daydreaming, soaking in the magical moment we are all living together. I slowly reach down the side of the boat with my arm and touch the fresh water, the melody and life of the ancient Egyptians living still in these beautiful waves. As we move along, my hand glides on the water, the sun is getting lower and turning the sky from blue to gold. I squint to get a closer look at the shore as the sun comes into my eyes and the silence of the river loud with the voices of nature calling out.

 Nothing could be more perfect, caught in a dream, afraid to wake and loose it all. The sun now was bright red, and the world turns to a thousand shades, the water reflecting the gold sun, gold now the color of the sand dunes out in the distance. The voices of kids along the shore echo through my head, and I turn to wave, seeing their innocent and kind smiles looking back. All around me I could feel the pulse of the river, the hope of a brighter tomorrow, for this river has inspired civilizations over and over again to make something more of themselves.

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