A Lesson on Forgiveness With Neal Donald Walsch

Neal Donald Walsch, author of many books including Coversations With God, brings his unique and beautiful perspective on what forgiveness truly means in this Mindvalley video. He reminds us of how we need to forgive people and, instead of being upset with them, see them for who they truly are and realize that they are hurting inside.

The question we need to ask when people do us wrong is not “why did you do this to me?” Rather, “what is hurting so much within you that made you do this? How can I help you?” He teaches us to look beyond the act that the person did and see that they are a soul in need of help and love. True forgiveness lies within seeing the true soul and person behind the act and fully embracing them for who they are. 

His wisdom and insights can teach us all how to approach people that hurt us and how we can spread more love and kindness in those moments as we learn to embrace what it really means to forgive someone and see them for who they are. 

As I watched this video, it made me question my past ideas on forgiveness and how I still would hold judgement towards people that had hurt me. Listening to Neal’s words, I looked within myself and realised that the only true way to forgive somebody is to look at them with full compassion and see them as a human being greatly in need of love.

Although this could be hard sometimes, I know that this kind of forgiveness is what the world needs right now more than ever. I can only imagine what the world could look like if everybody learned how to forgive in this manner and see the humanity and hurting behind other people’s wrong doing.  I believe that in our daily lives, we can constantly try to practice this kind of forgiveness and love and be an example, just as Neal mentioned, to others around us who will also see how life changing, and world changing, this kind of forgiveness can be.

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