A Reminder Of Who You Really Are – A Video From Neal Donald Walsch

“There is something quite extraordinary going on here. Most of us don’t even know it’s happening, but it is happening. (…) It is life happening all around us. ” – Neal Donald Walsch

In this powerful video, Neal Donald Walsch reminds us of the true essence of our lives and who we really are. He reminds us of the beauty of the process of life itself and the purpose behind all of life’s existence. He let’s us remember again just why we are on this planet experiencing life and how we are all co-creators in the process of life in our own unique way. 

As I listened to his words, I couldn’t help but almost feel an awakening, a wake up call to what life is truly about again. As if I had been wandering through life without a destination and now I can read the whole map clearly. His wisdom puts our entire lives into a whole new perspective as we start to look within ourselves and see what we truly are inside and discover our purpose. 

We start to ask ourselves why we are really here on this planet and how we can best express our own selves to the world. We start to see everyone and everything around us as divine too, seeing the entire essence of life as one big divine process that we are a small part of but yet equally important to the rest. These words help us to stand back up again even in our moments of defeat and remember to look at the whole big picture of what life is really all about. 

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