A Whisper on The Winds – A Poem

While traveling, I love scribbling down poetry or verses based on what I am seeing and my experiences. Through rhymes and words I can express myself and bring out the deepest of my emotions into a story.  Poetry is such a beautiful way to express yourself but to also connect with people around the world – poetry transcends all cultural differences and barriers. 

A Whisper on the Winds 

A whisper on the winds I heard from above,

Dancing and swirling with the clouds and the doves.

Along the waves was a whisper that sways in the mist,

A voice of distant stories, of legends and myths.


In the mountains I heard a whisper on the winds,

A subtle voice of love, like the words of old friends.

Through the trees and the forests a whisper I heard,

 Calling my name in the melody of a bird.


On the shores of the lake a whisper appears,

The water’s patterns tell me to never have fear.


In the sunrise and moonlight a whisper I hear,

Calling me to have hope, the voice so near. 


Flying over the sand dunes a voice I now find,

Loud and clear like the daylight echoes in my mind. 

My dear child” it speaks, it calls me by name,

Yes” I answer, “I am here”, I proclaim. 

Poem by Kaitlin Siena Murray

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