Our Team



Todd has twenty years of Global IT delivery experience in North/South America, EMEA, and Asia Pacific regions.  His pragmatic and customer first approach ensures efficient delivery to happy customers. Analysis, execution, and carpe diem  are at the heart of everything he does. He thrives in a team environment either leading them remotely or in person at his clients’ global locations.  His delivery journey began at PeopleSoft in 1997 and progressed into a successful independent consulting practice beginning in 2000.  Originally from Southern California, Todd has spent the last 15 years living in Europe deploying Global  Enterprise Initiatives for Fortune 100 Companies.  When Todd is not deploying IT initiatives onsite, he is traveling the world with his family deploying them remotely.



A seasoned data and coding professional having spent twenty years in software houses and as an independent consultant working on global, international and national projects in local and national government, insurance, education, pharmaceuticals, HCM, ERP, LMS, psychometrics, law and logistics systems.



Rob has delivered major projects across the globe in the public sector, banking and pharmaceutical industries. Trained by Tier 1 consultancies and experienced in real world projects, he has managed multi-million dollar budgets and teams upwards of 150. More recently, he has focused on Workday implementation and has delivered outstanding results in challenging environments for some of the biggest projects in the world. He ensures that desired outcomes are met on time and at the right quality level. Originally from Ireland, Rob spent 15 years in the UK with his own independent delivery practice and now lives in Portugal with his family. When not travelling the world delivering an excellent experience for clients, he can be found on the beach with his family or in the hills of the Algarve on his motorcycle.

What is Our Revolutionary Approach to Delivery?

Snowgoose moves away from a reactive delivery approach to a proactive insightful analysis approach which improves data accuracy, deliverable content and overall delivery timeline helping customers achieve better result faster and cheaper than the competition.

Our proprietary questionnaires are utilized right at the outset to drive inputs for scope, configuration, and testing.

Early analysis of the outputs leads to better understanding of business requirements and drives timelines based on a standard service offering.

Data analysis workshops and tools drive a cascading decision matrix allowing customers to see beneficial impacts to timelines, deliverable content, resources, testing scope, and Integration implications right up front. There are none of the surprises generally found during “normal” ERP rollouts.

How many business resources will you need? From what areas? For how long? When? What will they be doing? We’ll give you the answers in Week 1, allowing your business to plan effectively and reduce the impact on already hardworking employees.

Utilizing Snowgoose during the RFP process refines the RFP accuracy for time, resources, scope, and cost.

Snowgoose tools allow for the early estimation of deployment strategies before project initiation. Running a pilot or a big bang implementation is a decision that can be based on hard facts that we can glean from your data, technology and operational structure during our initial analysis phase.

No guesswork. No surprises.