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We are a global community of change makers and dreamers dedicated to connecting the world as one family through storytelling, activism, and volunteering. Let’s embrace the magic and wonder of the world and share it with all who inhabit the earth!


Meet our Founder, Kaitlin Siena Murray

“Hi! I am Kaitlin, a 19-year-old world traveler, peace activist and full-time nomad exploring and learning from the world – visiting over 70 countries across 6 continents! Before Earth Family, I started a non-profit in 2015 to help refugees and volunteered/spoke in refugee camps and schools around the globe. I am a passionate writer, activist, refugee advocate and public speaker and have a deep love for all knowledge, especially history and intercultural studies. My soul project aims to connect all of humanity as one big Earth Family and show how we can achieve peace through the power of history and storytelling, the arts, and intercultural/interfaith dialogue. I can’t wait for you to join our family!”

You can follow Kaitlin’s travel adventures at Travelin’ Kait

Earth Family’s sister-site, Kids Unite 4 Hope

Volunteering Brings Hope and Joy to All!

Kids Unite 4 Hope was founded in 2015 after an impromptu trip to volunteer with refugees in Turkey. Since then we haven’t stop making friends around the world and spreading joy, peace, and love to refugee kids who have become ourfamily. Our WE ♥ REFUGEES campaign is the foundation of our organization. The courage, love, and friendship of the refugees is our greatest inspiration and where we find the strength and motivation to continue on this life-changing journey!

Here is a video from our 6 months volunteering at a refugee camp in Greece.

Check out Kids Unite 4 Hope here.

Our Values

We believe in a world of understanding and peace between all cultures and people.

We believe that we should respect and live in harmony with our planet and all the creatures that live on it.

We believe that every person has  unique gifts and talents and story to share with the world.

We believe that through storytelling and the arts we can bring people of all cultures together.

We believe all cultures and religions are beautiful and have something to teach us.

We believe each person has the power to make a difference in their community and around the world.

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