An Ode to Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a city that will always remain in my heart and it is a city where we learned so much about the world and ourselves. This is a poem that I wrote about the history, beauty, and diversity of Jerusalem. 

The world is a passing of time and love,

to reach a day, to yearn a new life. 

For the passing sun fades back into night 

new children are crying, new enemies delight. 

A conqueror may come, a fellowman deceased

yet you walls will stay firm 

and your glory always seen. 

Oh! Jerusalem you shine through the dark of the night, 

your gleaming white stars shine so bright. 

No power of man can take you away, 

you’ve been destroyed and conquered, but not changed. 

For I do not know the plans for your mighty walls, 

a future of hope or a future to fall. 

How can it be that one day it will end? 

How will you feel to finally be bent? 

Dome of the Rock

Dome of the Rock

The streets in your heart swerve in and out, 

a labyrinth of mystery, 

a path of faith or doubt. 

The sky shines bright yet the clouds roll in, 

the world here has no beginning and no end. 

Here there is power for the great three, 

the three great religions are merged and combined, 

it is the faithful to believe in a hope beyond life. 

For I am traveler remembering a story long ago, 

a courageous journey of faith one must undergo, 

for the aura of this city has no compare, 

hearing the voices of the past whispering somewhere. 

I pour out my love for you of Jerusalem, 

I will share your legend with the rest of the world.


The colorful streets of the Muristan in the Christian Quarter

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