Are You Ready to Remember Who You Are? – A Refection of Wisdom


“What lies behind us 

And what lies before us 

Are tiny matters compared 

To what lies within us. “

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have heard people say that we are here to find our passions, our missions, our destiny on this planet. I have heard of searching for the dreams that will bring us forward. I have heard of people finding hope in the midst of their sorrows and pain. And yet what if, after all this time, everything we need lies within us. 

See what if we possessed within our very being all the knowledge and wisdom to carry out our lives even on the hardest of days, or what if we could already know what our mission and purpose on this planet was. You see, we have been conditioned to look outside of ourselves for things that will fill our soul, we have been told that who we are is not enough. That we need the next biggest car, home, bank account, then those will fill up our needs and give us purpose. 

But then why is it that time and time again people just aren’t happy. And they keep searching, and searching, and searching, for a destination that never arises? Because the destination was within themselves the whole time. 

See what if we could just strip away all those old beliefs and look at ourselves blatantly in the face to see how beautiful we really are, and that all that time of longing we knew who we were through all of it. Our dreams, our goals, our passions, what makes us happy, we know it down to the core of our very being and yet hide it away, silence it, until it’s too late. 

See when was the last time you took the phrase “follow your heart” seriously, when was the last time you sat down with yourself and asked your own soul the questions that you keep asking elsewhere. Why am I here? What do I really love doing? How can my soul be filled up with joy and love? 

You know the only real way to find yourself is to be alone with yourself, to realize all that you truly are inside and all of the knowledge, depth, perseverance, wisdom, courage, beauty, radiance, and so much more that echoes within your soul waiting for the chance to come out. Waiting for the chance to shine upon this world in whatever form you choose. See that is the best part of the whole gig, it is your choice, your decision, on how you live your life and let your gifts shine. It is all within you. You just need to remember who you already are, remember where you came from and why you are on this planet. 

So, are you ready to remember who you are? 

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