Embracing the Wonder of Life – Seeing the Child-Like Magic of the World

Embracing the wonder of the world and in your life is finding the fairytale magic every single day. Our lives are full of amazing adventures, inspiring stories, magical experiences and memories that can make our lives like a fairy tale. Although sometimes we forget, our planet is full of magic everywhere we look and we can get that magic back – if we only know how to see it.  

Just as when we were kids and we saw every single thing in this world with the eyes of wonder and curiosity – we can live like that now as adults. We looked at everything from a flower to a bumble bee or thunderstorm with awe struck amazement, because the world was so new and fresh for us. Everything was an amazing and new experience that we treasured and our curiosity led us to more and more. The magic of the world hasn’t gone anywhere, it is just that we have trained our eyes and hearts not to see it anymore.

As a child, I was obsessed with Disney and the magic of the movies that transported you into another world of beauty and inspiration. I can still remember being moved by movies that made me dream and see the magic of the world – stories that let me dream the impossible. Now, I am starting to look back at my entire childhood and see the patterns of my passions and dreams when I was little and how I have always searched for something more in the world, looking for things that seemed invisible and dreaming the impossible.

Why is it that we are taught to ‘grow up’ and become over responsible when we get older? Why are we told to become more serious and take life more seriously? In our current world, what we really need are more dreamers, explorers, artists, innovators – those who dream and believe in the impossible to bring us into a new age of peace and harmony. And who are best at dreaming and imagining to get our inspiration from? Little children! We can get back the child-like wonder – we just need the tools and the belief that the curiosity and magic still reside in our hearts.


 See the Good In Everything

Practice seeing the good in every person, thing, and scenario. The best place to start is practice finding at least 1 good thing about something or somebody and either write it down or just think it in your mind. Take a minute then to reflect on that good thing and really soak it in. Enjoy all the good things of your life that are in front of you! 


Say thank you! We all know that gratitude is one of the most powerful things on Earth, from the Magic by Rhonda Byrne or prayers across many religions globally, we see that gratitude can radically shift the way we see our entire world. Start by being purely and fully grateful for the people in your life, the things you have around you, and the way you get to live. No matter how little or how much you have, practice saying thank you and truly in your heart be grateful for it. This is one of the most important and magical ways to see the wonder in your life and all of the good things that surround you every single day.

Remember the Childhood Magic

Do you remember what you were like as a child? What movies did you love when you were a kid? What music did you sing to and what were your favorite games? Life is supposed to be fun, don’t let the scary adult world get you down. Every now and then we all need time to put aside our responsibilities and stressful things and just be. Just be as we are, play, laugh. Put more time aside to be with your family or friends, play games, go for a walk in nature, take more time to relax and do the things that you love and fill your soul.

Be Present and Mindful 

Be fully present in the good times. Have you ever been with your family or friends and then left and not fully felt you were ever with them? I sure have. Every single moment with the people you love is precious, enjoy it and take it all in. Try to open your eyes to the magic that is all around you, sit in the feeling of joy, laughter, or fun. Don’t rush the good and happy moment because you think your life is too busy. When I feel happy, I just look around me and try to take in every moment, every color, every smile, and I myself smile, reminding myself of the magic of life. Now still to this day when I think about those memories, I feel joyful.

Travel and Explore

Traveling is one of the best ways to experience the full glory and beauty of this incredible planet we live on. Why stay in one place when we were blessed to live in a day and age when we can get around so easily? Mountains, deserts, valleys, rivers, oceans, colors, animals, amazing people, and flavors you never knew existed are out there waiting. I have seen so many unimaginable places and sights while traveling the world – and every single day I keep having more incredible experiences. Whenever you get the chance in your life, be curious and go somewhere new or try something you have never done before. The more incredible things you see and experience, the more the magic will come alive in your life day by day.


Smiling can change your life if you do it enough. Not a fake or forced smile – a sincere smile. Smile every chance you can get and remember all  the good things in your life. Take the time to just smile for a moment, breath in and out, and remind yourself to open your eyes to the magic of the world.

With these tools, you can start to fully experience the beauty and magic of your life and see the world with the child-like wonder you once had. Our lives were MEANT to be magical and full of incredible experiences! 

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