AB – Revolutionary Approach to Workday® Migration

“We’re a boutique Workday® partner that delivers exceptional results for Small and Mid-Enterprise Businesses.

“We use our proprietary questionnaires and tools to create a bespoke solution for implementation, driven from your data, existing technology, business capabilities and objectives. ”

“Our processes are proven to save time and cost by identifying the dependencies and pain points early in project initiation. Already in flight but facing challenges? We can use the same process as a project rescue tool to get you back on track. ”

The benefits don’t stop there. We provide you with unique insights that not only expedite your implementation and adoption of Workday but also help to lay out a data-driven approach to process improvement in wider HCM and LMS. There no additional work or cost here, we provide these as a unique analysis outcome from the same preparatory work we do in setting up your project.

Based upon years of experience and lessons learned (link to lead magnet), data and testing are at the core of our methodology. We lead with business specific data, rather than using a reactive approach that is common in an ERP methodology. In fact, we’ve taken a completely proactive approach, taken down barriers to progress and allowed the right decisions to be taken early on in the project. Where others attempt to shoehorn Workday delivery into a cumbersome renamed ERP approach, we’ve thrown convention out the window. And for all the right reasons. Our results speak for themselves.

Initial data analysis workshops and tools drive a cascading decision matrix allowing customers to see beneficial impacts to timelines, deliverables required, resources, testing scope, and integration design, all based upon their very own data.


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What does that mean in real world experience?

  • 80% complete configuration workbooks, integration designs and test scripts in Week 1
  • Automatically generated test scripts for all in-scope business processes, integrations and data elements
  • Improved data quality by early data profiling to identify trends and gaps
  • A Data Transformation Layer that is produced to improve delivery accuracy and support experience that also minimises legacy system technical resource dependencies and timelines
  • Load-ready data files produced with greater speed and much higher accuracy than with a conventional approach
  • Predictable time and cost with small implementation team footprint
  • A 6 months start-to-finish implementation timeline