For Egypt Is… – A Poem

Throughout all of my travels, Egypt has been one of the most powerful and memorable places. It has inspired me and given me such insight, it has taught me so many new lessons and showed me a whole new side of enjoying life that I never knew before. 



For Egypt is a boat ride down the waters of life, the waves traveling the distance, the sun shines and the stars twinkle by night.

For Egypt is a melody, a joyful beat, a dancing of drums and a stomping of feet.

For Egypt is a sunrise, bearing the darkness of night, the hopeful sun beams of truth and of light.

For Egypt is a smile, of all those who walk past, a kind word of a stranger, a friendship to last.

For Egypt is a cup of tea, warm and bright, a spice of a history a taste of delight.



For Egypt is the silhouette of a camel traveling across the dunes, a mysterious sight with the light of the moon. 

For Egypt is the call to prayer, echoing through the streets, a moment of reflection, a joy so sweet.

For Egypt is a mystery, that not story can tell, an ancient past of glory and an empire that fell.

For Egypt is a family, a home away from home, a place of such magic and memories forevermore. 




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