While volunteering with Syrian refugees in Greece and Turkey, I was deeply moved by just how unjust and unfair our world can be sometimes. People who once had a great life now left with absolutely nothing.  Although I saw so much hardship, the most prevalent thing that existed in every refugee’s heart was hope. The hope to live on another day, to dream another day. No matter their situation they kept pushing on because they wanted a better life for their children and knew that things could get better if they didn’t give up. 

This poem is for them…

As the flickering lights fade away,

I imagine a world, full of joy and laughter

I see the children of the world longing to play

Their lives shaped by war, dreaming of happily ever after. 

Oh, how the world could be so beautiful!

Yet the ambition of man can spoil the truth

How innocent the children of a life distraught

Of nations on fire, not thinking of their youth. 

Then here I am, my life content

I cannot overlook their lives, I cannot pretend

My dream is to stand for their rights, for their faiths

I imagine a world where every child can be brave.

As the twisting roads of each of our fates

intertwine like a labyrinth, our dreams turned to haze

I wish to see a place with a chance of rebirth

Stepping into the light of the sun’s shining rays. 

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