We live on a beautiful and magical planet, where everything from the smallest flower to the biggest thunderstorm live and co-exist harmoniously. Too many times we can get caught up in the fast-pace world that we live in and forget to look up, look around, and appreciate the amazing planet we call home. All too often is the very place we are all living on forgotten, only being used for resources to create more profit.

Every now and then, we need to take a minute and remember all of the magic that surrounds us and the beauty of Mother Earth


She calls me in the wind and in the waves

I see her twinkle in the stars above

The flutter of a butterfly is her whisper

The roars of the thunder are her screams

She speaks through all that surrounds us and creates us

She smiles in the laughter of a child

She cries in the rainfall of a new spring

Her voice the melody of the birds that sing

She calls to us in our dreams

Speaks to us in our visions of a life we know could be

Always with us no matter how far we roam

Our Mother Earth, the planet we call home. 

Poem by Kaitlin Siena Murray

Photo credit cover: Anne Solis 

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