The Butterfly of Nebo – A Memory of Jordan

In northern Jordan you can find Mt.Nebo, looking out over the Jordan Valley and the Judean Desert. It was said that the Israelites first saw the “promise land” here and it was where Moses died and was buried. Although no one knows exactly where he was buried or if the Israelites were ever really here, it is an incredible place to gaze out over the whole area and think back to all of the history and stories that took place here. 

The Butterfly of Nebo


The butterfly of Nebo flutters by, 

A glimpse of white catches my eye.

I see your dancing of bright colored light,

Your flight of beauty high to the sky.

Do you know the stories, the legends so clear?

Of a man that brought hope to a people in fear. 

This man named Moses into freedom he brought, 

Have your heard his voice, his memories, his thoughts? 

You glide and dance, the olive trees you love, 

This mountain looking out at the land from above. 

The land of promise to his people God gave, 

Here the first glimpse of Canaan then onto the grave.

 Moses, oh Moses, your butterfly floats by, 

God’s spirit in all, from Earth to the sky. 

A memory of truth and glory you hold, 

To you I send love, the butterfly of Nebo. 


Poem by Kaitlin Siena Murray 

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