We Are All Visitors On This Planet – Aboriginal Wisdom On the True Meaning of Life

We are all visitors to this time, this place… our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love.. and then we return home. – Aboriginal Proverb

Going through our daily lives, we can feel as though we are at the center – the world in our minds revolves around us. Yet Indigenous wisdom teaches us that we are actually just guests or visitors on this planet. We are here only for a short amount of time, before going back into the flow of life and death.

When I think for a moment of all the people who have come and gone over hundreds and thousands of years, I see just how fast our own lives go by. If we think of all of our own ancestors who lived their lives, loved, cried, laughed, they too were fully immersed in the realities of their own lives, yet soon enough had to move on too and accept the reality of what comes after life. We are just a blink in the eye of the universe itself – how much more vast time and space are than our own existence.

When we get caught up in our day to day tasks, we can so easily forgot about the bigger picture and take on so much pressure and hardship. We can forgot about the vastness and incredible gift called life that we have in the here and now, and let time just fade away.

Coming into this awareness, I first had to face what was my own morality. Most of us don’t like thinking about death, for it is the fear of the unknown that sends shivers down our spine just thinking about what might be ‘on the other side’.  Yet coming into that realization face to face hasn’t made me more afraid of what may come of the next ‘life” but it has given me such peace in seeing that I am part of a greater picture of life and that, although my life matters much to me, in the universe I am just one of the thousands of people coming and going, living and loving, and moving on.

Seeing that we only have a limited time on this planet makes me want to savor and live every day to the fullest, and learn and grow as much as I can. Not in a state of rush or anxiety of when death may approach me or catch me off guard, but in the awareness that this incredible gift of life has been given to me again every morning I wake up, and I should embrace it as much as possible.

Thinking about how tiny our lifetimes are in the span of the universe, gives me a peace that makes me realize how small and unnecessary (in the greater scheme of things) our daily problems are. Traffic, bad grades, fights with friends or relatives, or getting fired, are so real and scary in our logical human minds (understandably because we have no choice but to face these realities on a daily basis.) 

Yet for the universe, there is no such thing as jobs, school, etc. etc.! The more and more I look at the greater picture of what this whole thing called life is about, the more I see how small those problems become, they hold no value in the greater scheme of this thing called life. All of the ‘problems’ we face on a daily basis are just a human construct; humanity’s way of trying to ‘organize’ ourselves and evolve. We have organized our entire society into boxes, rules, plans, schemes, that make us sometimes feel trapped or living someone’s else life, not our own.

So if our lives are more than these daily things, what are our lives really about?

LOVE. As simple as that, love. See, what really makes the world go round is love. When we pass on, we will not be remembered by how much money we made or the grades we had, we will be remembered by how we loved other people and how much we loved life itself.  In the whole timeline of the history of the universe, it will matter not what kind of life you lived if it wasn’t a life based on love.

If we learn to focus on who or what we love more than the problems we face, our lives can radically change. Because really what is the point of wasting all of your energy stressing over things that matter so little in the greater scheme of life itself? We are lucky enough to be here together on this planet in the here and now, let us enjoy the fullness and beauty of life while we still have it.

We are all visitors on this planet, here to observe the magic and beauty of everything around us, love as much as possible and leave our footprint in the world in a positive way that made this planet we live on better. What matters was how we loved other people and our planet, and when our time has come to go back into the eternal flow of life and death, we return home.

So go out into the world today and love as much as possible and always remember this incredible gift we have called life! 

photo Credit: Jandaramarra Cadd 

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