We Are Fairy Chimneys – A Story Told By The Lands Of Cappadocia, Turkey

I am a fairy chimney and here I have lived since the beginning of time. I have seen the warmth, the cold, I have lived a thousand lives, seen a million people go by. I know no end, like an eternal dream, I dance with the melody of time itself. The dinosaurs pass and the Earth shakes, the new era has come forth and I am born. The world is once again new, and I am created in a dance of lava and ash, the future so far and unknown. Millions of years go by and slowly I grow, my layers becoming more and more. Water and wind create my present form, shaping and molding my every existence, the entire earth shifting and moving.

I may seem aged by don’t be fooled, my spark of imagination is so bright and new. This land we created and formed, it is here for you and for all the generations to come. I have seen empires come and go, kingdoms rise and fall, men of great glory and people of humble prayer, they were all touched by my magic, my love of life.

We have lived through battles and empires, seen religions come and go men of all sorts and they all with their dreams and hopes, have come and gone. They lived their lives with love or pride,  but somehow they all moved on to the next dimension, and till the next time we meet, our futures are both unknown. Their lives for us were just a blink, a quick passing by. I fall asleep and a generation goes by, for my eternal life is a gift and a curse.

Together, we inspire you to dream, to think beyond your reality, to imagine the impossible. We help you grow and inspire curiosity in every heart. We are proof that our great Mother Earth is beautiful and creative, she paints on the canvas of the Earth and imagines a million possibilities. The real continuous expression of love for everything and everyone on the planet.

We are the fairy chimneys of Kapadokya, tall and  proud of who we are, guardians of this magical land.  Out of ash we formed from the stars came our dreams, millions of years have given us more wisdom than you believe. Lava and ash, fire and ice, we have lived lives of great turmoil and change, and yet through it all here we now stand, testament to time. We look up and at the stars we gaze, we sing a timeless melody, the evolution of love itself alive in the depths of our souls.


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