For Freedom is a Sunrise

For Freedom is a Sunrise

Freedom is a dance, a rhythmic song

Fluttering and racing through fields of gold,

of mysterious  stories, of legends untold.


Like a butterfly flying to the sky so high,

I can feel the wind calling me from the depth of the night.

Twinkling in the darkness the stars of dreams,

One thousand gleaming lights, the peace so serene.


To be loved, to be heard, from the moon of the night,

To sing hymns with the mountains, to leave back every fright.

Feel the sand in your toes, the wind in your hair,

To live like a fairytale, your happy ending somewhere.


Of an ocean so vast, of a lifetime of hope,

Each wave a smile from laughter, the wind blowing them forth.

A ripple in time, a reflection of bronze,

The sunsets over the horizon, I feel alive. I feel at home.


For the desert so vast, and the ocean so deep,

To stretch ones limits, to dare to dream.

To imagine a life of no lies, no pain,

To fight for ones future, and the price they shall pay.


For freedom comes with a cost for us all,

A desire to sing hymns through the trees in the fall

Yet no boundary or wall could take our dream away,

Like history has shown, where there is hope there is faith.


So freedom can be found in the warmth of a heart,

Of a child reunited with his family after months apart.

Or a little white daisy after a trickling rainfall,

A sunrise of a new dawn, a yearning for freedom within us all.


Written by Kaitlin Siena Murray

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