Legacy, What Is a Legacy? – A Poem Inspired By the Musical Hamilton

Hamilton, the smash-hit musical that has taken the world by storm, is the story of the life of Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of the United States who started off as a poor boy in the Caribbean and went to being one of the most influential people in the creation of a new nation after the Revolutionary War. The musical is centered around the idea of a legacy and how our story can live on after we pass on. One of the most famous lyrics are in fact: “you have no control who lives, who dies, who tells your story”. 

The music and the story of this musical really make you look at your own life and question what you are doing with the time you have here on this planet and what kind of legacy you are going to leave behind. What will people remember you for? Who will tell your story when you are gone? And what kind of life do you want to live while you are still living? 


Since the beginning of time, humanity has questioned it’s own existence 

Why am I here? What is all of this?

And yet time after time lives go by,

We search and we dream but what survives?

Our hopes and our dreams and the days we left behind,

The memories of those who remembered our lives.

Our legacy of love or our legacy of pain,

Those stories that are told when we fade away. 

And we search our whole lives to know ourselves,

We stray believing fame may be good for our health. 

Yet at the end of the day take a breath, close your eyes,

Believe in a dream beyond your own sight.

 Sing the melodies, write the rhymes

For your story will test the end of times. 

The dreams in my heart beat louder each day,

No more do I have time to give away. 

For too long I sat waiting for life to arrive,

The days I missed, the time gone by. 

No more will I stand on the far sidelines, 

Time to get in the game and see what I find. 

This game called life you can choose your fate,

You give all you got, you dream and create. 

Our lives are a rhythm, a melody, a dance

The music will climb if you give it a chance. 

I remind myself of all those who came before,

their passions and drive, their life story.

And their tales and lives inspire my own,

who will I inspire when I am all gone?

So each day I rise, each day I soar,

I take that leap more and more. 

I feel that life is constantly awakening,

this heart that keeps beating and shaking. 

I can feel that thunder roaring in my bones,

I can see the horizon of glorious gold. 

The shining of daylight, the answer to love,

Is this the paradise we were once dreaming of?

That ride called hope, that ride called strife

We live and we leave our legacy, our life.

And at the end of the day what matters was how,

We lived and we loved how we gave ourselves.

How we served our nation how we served our friends,

How we love those in need, did we lend a hand? 

Not to search for ourselves, for our pride dies with us,

But the act of love will live on forever. 

In the memory of a friend and the story they tell,

of a hero or a giver or dreamer, and well,

my point is clear, my message in the core,

Our legacy is the story they tell forever more.


Poem by Kaitlin Siena Murray

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