Thailand From Under the Sea

A moment of suspension in the air, flying for a second, then a huge splash and a rainbow of colors explode before me. Thousands of bright yellow fish squabble – darting from one place to another, all at the same time, all uniquely shaped, uniquely made. Deep down at the ocean bed, rainbow fish linger slowly as I try to see them closer until my snorkel fills up with water, realizing I distanced myself from reality and swam into a secret marine world.

It’s submerged into another universe, where I can just be a witness of creation and evolution, with no purposeful role or function. Just an eye in the sky, ineffective, yet not unaware. As if watching a whole life being lived and loved from above, I watch the ecosystem revolve around the beauty of nature itself. Each creature lives through the presence of water and its clear ripples, transporting me truly from my own head and dreams.

A thousand different fish and corals catch my eye all at once and I don’t know what to analyze first. I am overwhelmed by the beauty and shocked by the chaos. I swiftly approach a home of bright red coral, their lives forever stuck on one single rock. As my fins sway to and fro through the clear crystal water, I gaze down at a slithering animal, weaving in and out of rocks, sand, and little caverns.

I inquisitively follow the eel. Where is it going? What is life like down here? Constantly being pulled and pushed by tides, no concept of time or knowledge of the outside world.

As I turn back again to the group of clustered fish and my little eel slithers off into the distance with sand beds out of sight, I realize how simple life must be down here, not having any of the problems or realities we have up above. I feel suspended in time, there is nothing going on above or below me, just a peaceful harmonious universe. I feel this can’t be true, it must be a dream.

The red and yellow corals down below, the sand of white slowly drifting forth with the waves, and the energetic fish constantly in motion, never quite still, but always with a goal or reason.

As I watch those fish all cramped into one area, they remind me exactly of us humans sometimes. We are so busy and in a hurry that we don’t relate with one another, passing each other but never stopping for a moment to pause and look around and see what is happening outside of our little lives.

I look up at the golden sun rays seeping through the waters, as the clouds above slowly move away and inch by inch, meter by meter, the whole sea bed lights up golden as the sun itself, all colors changing with the rays of life. The fish’s scales reflect off the rays throwing them back out into all directions, the waters now not scary nor dangerous, just a bright place of sunshine and happiness.

As my body starts to get chills from the cold currents, I slowly swim closer to the top knowing my time down here is up. I look back at the life still revolving down there underneath me and I realize how many lives are being lived in the world every day, and how I am just one them out of billions.

Now I am sitting up on the shore, a towel wrapped around me, and I try to take a peak back down at where I had just lived all those beautiful moments. I jot down a sentence in my journal:

“Marine life has to be experienced with heart and soul to inspire us and to open us up a brand new world.”

Photo Credit Cover: Go Beyond Asia 

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