We, The Generation – A Poem

A poem dedicated to all of the people of this generation and the generations to come who will make this world a better place! 


We, the generation to stand stronger against hate.

We the generation to remember our place

as leaders of this world  where every boy and girl

has the right to be heard.

We the people to rise up and take a stand in the face of adversity,

to look up, put down our phones and speak up

for those who cannot speak for themselves. 

We the generation to change things around

plant seeds in the ground and watch them grow

into forests that our children were about to not know

cause of those who came before us.

But we said no.

We the ones to take that stand we the ones to lend a hand

to those struggling around the world,

those with no homes, no food, the wars too long.

We the kids to love those who are different, those  left all alone,

loving the broken and tired with no hope or home.

We the generation to stand for what is right

that in the dark of the night those in fear will have no more reasons to fright

like a bright light we will shine throughout the world until all that remains is just love.

Love. Love. Love.


Kaitlin Siena Murray

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